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Colourful Wooden Jenga Blocks(48pcs)

Colourful Wooden Jenga Blocks(48pcs)

48 piece Jenga is a game where you build a tower of blocks with all the pieces provided. The tower is made by sections of 3 blocks placed in alternative horizontal positions. The goal of this game is to not be the player to make the tower collapse. Each player takes it in turns attempting to slide a piece out of the tower without causing it to collapse.

This game has clear elements of agon as you have to compete to not only take pieces, but make it harder for opponents to safely take pieces out too. This game also has a clear loser. It also has elements of alea as moving some pieces may work for you one time, but other times it may not.
  • Details

    Item:HR1000488 Age month+: 36
    Package:1set/Shrink film,12set/ctn.
    Package size: 26*8*8
    Main Material: Tea wood,Non-toxic paint
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