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Jenga Building Blocks(51pcs)

Jenga Building Blocks(51pcs)

Colourful Jenga Wood Block Game. Pull out the blocks, place them on top, but don't topple the teetering tower!  The blockbuster of all stacking games comes with 54 genuine hardwood blocks. For any number of players, the Jenga game is simple to learn, quick to play, and portable fun! Jenga game offers the following additional information:Test your skills with this classic stacking game! Practice turn-taking as each player gently pulls out a block from the tower and places it on top. Build the tower as high as you can. But, be careful. One wrong move and you'll topple the teetering tower! Controlled fine motor movement, concentration, eye-hand coordination and strategy are the keys to success.
  • Details

    Item:HR1000508 Age month+: 36
    Package:1set/Shrink film/color box,12set/ctn
    Package size: 23*16.3*6
    Main Material: Tea wood,Non-toxic paint
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