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Musical Toys Multi-Colored Wooden Melody Xylophone

Musical Toys Multi-Colored Wooden Melody Xylophone

Xylophone showing on the image is made out of superb texture of wood with eight designed scales. Different colors, diverse length of the keys, two delicate mallets, nice-looking appearance and great practicality.

Exploit baby’s potential art talents in the processing of rapping. Ability of hand-to-eye coordination will be trained at the same. Babies are fond of articles which can offer orphean sounds. Pretty good to culture their musical talent with this displayed item. Apart from the sound pleasant to hear, it can be a perfect percussion instrument to practice your little one’s limbs.
  • Details

    Size: 8.4*6.5*1.4in, (22*16.5*3.5cm)
    Material: Wood, metal
    Weight: 800g
    Suitable for: 9+ months
    Package: Exquisite gift wrap
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